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Why Use TM-100

  • > Because it works.

  • > TM-100 is an organic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-caustic and is safe for animal, plant and marine life.

  • > TM-100 is proven to be effective at cleaning mold on porous surfaces.

  • > TM-100 is fast and efficient.

  • > TM-100 cleans airborne spores throughout the property including the HVAC system.

  • > TM-100 neutralizes foul odors.

  • > Guaranteed results.

  • > TM-100 has over 25 years of proven results.

  • > TM-100 has been OSHA tested and independently analyzed.

  • >TM-100 saves money while still providing unsurpassed results.

All-Natural, Safe and Effective Mold Remedation Solutions

BioScience West is a mold remediation company that uses the exclusive TM-100 product line. TM-100 is a unique blend of enzymes that cleans mold without the use of toxic chemicals. TM-100 has also been independently tested and proven to clean-up mold from porous surfaces such as drywall. OSHA testing also proved that TM-100 not only cleans mold, but also leaves the property free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). Other products might make similar claims, but we have the documentation to back it up. Don't just take our word for it, look at what our satisfied clients have to say about our services.

Guaranteed Results, Every Time

We offer a 100% guarantee for our price and services. A transferable Certificate of Warranty will be issued once independent analyses of samples taken after remediation show the property has been successfully remediated. We will work until the samples are within acceptable guidelines.

Fast Remediation, Less Tear-out

A typical remediation takes 2-3 days and is done with minimal tear out. Because of this, we can offer superior services with extremely competitive pricing. In addition, less tear-out means less put-back saving you more money in the long run.